tl;dr: new competition in genome sequencing hardware will drive expanded use cases for sequencing analytics across industries

In Nature’s Metropolis, the brilliant economic history of Chicago, William Cronon describes the shifts in power between agricultural producers and different industrial groups as technologies like the grain elevator upended traditional market relationships.

At Gencove, our mission is to make genome sequencing accessible and interpretable. Over the past several weeks, it has become clear that a key missing piece of the response to the coronavirus crisis in the United States involves sequencing to monitor virus strains as they arise and spread. …

Over the past two years, we at Gencove have launched low-pass sequencing products as a superior alternative to genotyping arrays across species, with applications ranging from genome-wide association studies to molecular breeding.

During this time, we’ve seen dramatic decreases in the cost and operational complexity of implementing sequencing workflows— companies…

tl;dr: Gencove now supports analysis of low-pass sequencing data from cattle, chickens, pigs, mice, rats, maize, and soybeans.

We launched Gencove’s low-pass sequencing platform about a year ago with the goal of making genome sequencing technologies accessible and cost-effective for large-scale genomics. …

We are making some important changes at Gencove.

In the last year, we’ve seen increasing demand for our low-pass sequencing technology from researchers looking for accessible and effective sequencing, and we have been working hard to launch exciting new capabilities for this technology.

This is a modified version of a blog post I initially wrote two years ago. With the increasing interest in genetic ancestry testing over these two years, the question “What is ancestry?” is worth keeping in mind.

Anyone who has used commercial genetic testing products like those offered by 23andMe…

tl;dr: for discovery of genetic variants associated with traits, sequencing outperforms genotyping arrays and costs less.

Over the last ten years, the field of human genomics has made unbelievable progress in identifying genetic variants that influence disease susceptibility and other traits (see, e.g. this review). …

tl;dr: we are pleased to publicly announce Gencove, a company we formed to make genomic data accessible and interpretable. Start collecting genomic data now or get a sequencing kit for yourself at

In 2011, a few weeks before I was scheduled to defend my PhD thesis, a cardiologist sat…

Joe Pickrell

Human geneticist. CEO at Gencove.

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